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9. WIK-Chemnitz 2018

16.05.2018, 10:00 - 16:00 Uhr, Neuer Campus Reichenhainer Straße bei der Mensa

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Coaching 08.05.2017: Get the most out of your next Career Fair

The Saxon universities are increasingly popular with international students. The number of students from abroad is steadily increasing. For students with a regional background, it is not always easy to get a job, but for Internationals it is a book with seven seals ...
Wann 08.05.2017
von 15:30 bis 18:00
Wo TU Chemnitz, Hörsaalgebäude, N101
Kontakttelefon +49 (0) 371 / 531 - 38 772
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As a student of international origin, you get at TU Chemnitz a first-class education in practical courses. With this knowledge, you are an attractive specialist for regional companies. How you master the job start and find a first-class job with little effort, you will learn in this lecture.

In this lecture, we provide you with insider information, experience reports and practical knowledge, that you have advantages to other candidates when applying. We address problems in establishing contacts to and expectations of regional employers and giving you tips on how you score with the HR staff. With this knowledge, you are well prepared for job fair WIK-Chemnitz and successful in your future company talks as well.

The Event is organized in cooporation with SISS e.V. and Career Service der TU Chemnitz.

er MessePrepare findet in Vorbereitung der Messe statt und damit unmittelbar vor dem Messetermin. Derzeit ist noch kein Termin für den MessePrepare festgelegt, wird

15:30 Uhr Start
15:30 Uhr

Opening - Presentation of the student initiative Siemens Sachsen SISS e.V. and the project WIK

Studenteninitiative Siemens Sachsen SISS e.V.

15:45 Uhr

WIK-Chemnitz proudly presents:

Coaching "Get the most out of your next Career Fair"

WIK-Chemnitz            berufsstart

Tips, advice and information of an expert directly from practice

Insider information from companies presented by

GK Software

18:00 Uhr End

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